Welcome To The Great Falls Builders Exchange!

The Great Falls Builders Exchange was started in 1958 by the Society of Architects as a service to the building community. It offers a location for members to view projects that are bidding throughout Montana and neighboring states. Today the Great Falls Builders Exchange is providing the same great service. We are proud to serve the needs of general contractors, sub contractors, suppliers, and other industry professionals.

Services that we offers

  • Full Service Plan Room
  • Online Plan Room
  • Wide Format Printing
  • Printing Services
  • Private Projects
  • Notary
The GFBE of operates a full-service plan room in Great Falls which covers virtually every publicly bid project in Montana. Our plan room provides a clearinghouse for the competitive bidding of projects, encouraging competition and reduced construction costs to commercial projects.  
  • Clean work areas
  • Access to printing
  • Multiple stations
  • Conference room
  • Online plan room
Fast and easy access to projects anytime, anywhere. View drawings, order prints, and much more. Our online services are available 24/7 365 days a year. Mobile App also available.  
  • View drawings
  • Order prints
  • Do take offs
  • Instant access
  • Up to date project information
Regardless of whether your needs are large or small, we have a cost-effective solution that is ideally suited for you. We will welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the latest line of equipment for scanning or reproducing wide-format documents, as well as speciality papers like our no-tear waterproof paper.  
  • Wide format printing
  • Fast and reliable
  • Highest quality printers
  • Black and white or color plans
  • Scanning up to 36 inches wide
In addition to our wide format printing we also specialize in construction related document such as proposals and spec books. We also offer scanning services. We can scan documents from credit card receipts to full-size architectural drawings.  We also can scan tracing paper, color copies, and double-sided documents.
  • Proposals
  • Spec books
  • Secure scanning
  • Binding
  • Digital formatting
Projects with limited distribution are defined as Private Projects. They are not advertised on any Builders Exchange bidding reports. The General Contractor, that the project belongs to, will provide invited subs and suppliers with a Private Project code. Only users with a Private Project Code will be able to access the private project. GFBE does not give out the Private Project Code to anyone other than the Project Contact who set up the Job in the Exchange. With Activity Logs and E-mail Notifications it is easy to see who has viewed your projects and notify them of Changes to the Project. Anyone you invite to private projects only needs 2 pieces of information: an E-mail address and the Private Project Code.    
  • Limited access
  • Secure hosting
  • Activity Logs
  • You maintain control
  • Easy Access by anyone you invite
We guarantee personal attention, professionalism, and patience with signers to review and feel comfortable signing their important documents are key elements of the excellent customer service we provide. Please call ahead for scheduling.  
  • Lean release and affidavits
  • Real estate documents
  • Vehicle title transfers
  • Power of attorney
  • Trust documents

Projects we have helped with

We have the newest technology in high speed wide format COLOR printing

Utilizing state of the art technology we offer wide format printing in color or black and white. We are open to the public for all printing services.

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Welcome to the Great Falls Builders Exchange

We are your local source for construction project bid information throughout Montana and surrounding states. Members have access to our physical planroom as well as our online planroom, weekly bulletin providing information about the projects available for bid, we also offer wide-format printing services.

We are also open to the public

  • Wide Format Printing
  • Scanning
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Custom Print Jobs


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